Saturday, 28 April 2007

16th February 07 The Hand of Fate

The fickle hand of fate's finger drops off


Libby said...

I am loving it angel heart. Loving the name for a bleedin' start. Great to see a photo blog. As much as I like wordsies they are rather a clumsy symbolic language outside of poetry. An empty finger socket tells a thousand words, innit. Looking forward to checking it out regularly (have you got a subscribe thingy?). Mine's going off and I want to share it with you too! Let's do a link swap See you over the summer you art legend you.

Grecian girl said...

I think it's fab. I was tickled by the name you chose both for yourself and for the blog. I recognise more than a few of the shots, too. Loved the 'separated at birth' best.