Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Visit to Wagin Heritage Village

Flour Bag Tent

I need to see more of these giant emblems of places in Australia

Lots of lovely shelves of left over bygone grocery products

and drug store pharmaceuticals.

Local dressmakers shop

Wagin Village Tea Room

Handmade washing sink

Mud brick settlers house

This really is a fascinating place and worth a look on our travels in WA. For many years, the community have been collecting their history from the local shops and businesses, schools and public services, and tell the visual history of settlement through everyday objects collected and donated.
They have moved entire buildings such as the wooden school, memorial hall and fire station, or rebuilt them. We spent a great afternoon there with friendly hospitality.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Stirling Ranges

A metal magpies nest, all collected and made by a bird!

Home made mailboxes

I think the nudists are the sheep!

Stirling Ranges

On the way to Albany

Best & Worst Playgrounds in the World

The saddest park I ever did see in Preston with one tiny roundabout

The best childrens park I ever did see with loads of great risky equipment made by a very talented engineer at Katarining

Wave Rock, WA

Bruce Rock

Ruby red flowers shine like jewels on the otherwise barren rock.

Wave Rock

Had a great time on this road trip looking at rocks that just rise like giants out of the flat landscape, to give important lookout points to survey the land by the Aboriginal people.