Monday, 26 May 2008

Walk down the alley last week

8th May Manchester Space Invader

I dont know if this is an original or not, its in an alley off Princess St, and looks as if someones tried to chisel it off a few times.

8th May My first college, Manchester

8th May 2008 Manchester Signs

Had a brilliant wander around Manchester and was struck by the great signs hanging about, have a new collection.

1st Feb 2008 Grafitti Daisy in Preston

8th May 2008 Handmade Papers

Gorgeous handmade papers in Paperchase, one of my favourite shops to gaze about.Cant afford any and getting rid of clutter, so photograph them instead!

8th May Heart handmade Paper

24th January 2008 Its all gone Bobbins!

These are beautiful lace bobbins, which are colour coded and have memorial dates and images added as well as beads

Lost Shoes I have lately seen

Childs shoe in park, Preston
Blokes shoe in Blackburn

Thong in Perth, Western Australia

14th February Valentine Hearts

My favourite day of the year. Restrained image collecting,i didnt go mad like previous years!

14th february 2008 My Valentine Curry

heart shaped omelette made by my daughter.

9th January 2008 Long Lost Hearts

Cookie Heart made for Christmas
Heart made for me by my lovely friend Jude
Heart bead kit belonging to my friends daughter
Havent posted anything for ages,am now getting back into the swing and finding new things