Thursday, 17 June 2010

Nature Child

Nature Child Collection

Nature child 11 (4x6in)

Nature child 10 (4x6in)

Nature child 9 (8x12in)

Nature child 8 (8x12in)

Nature child 7 (8x12in)

Nature child 6 (4x6in)

Nature child 5 (8x12in)

Nature child 4 (8x12in)

Nature child 3 (8x12in)

Nature child 2 (4x6in)

Nature child 1 (4x6in)

A new collection of images made from found natural objects and recycled materials. The only thing bought is a Sharpie fineliner, the rest is made up from bits found in the street and in the recycle box.

Sustainable art about the nature deficient world our children are being brought up in.

There are 12 images in all, for the 12 months of the year, image 12 has already been sold.

All images are for sale at $30 each 0r £20, p&p inc

Images are 4 x6 in and 8 x 12 in
A % of profit will be used to fund the outdoor classroom & bush area at our local school.
Contact rachel@imaginaryleaps for further information.

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