Saturday, 28 April 2007

16th February 07 The Hand of Fate

The fickle hand of fate's finger drops off

17th February 07 Old Arcade Games

25th January 2006 Seaside Arcades

1st January 2007 GlitterBall Rave, London

25th May 2006 Georginas greek shrine

This tatty music box was remade into a present for my friend with found objects from charity shops and it symbolises all the things she loves in her life. Made from an old holiday souvenir with miniatures.

April 5th 2006 Teacup Swirl

I think this was taken at Disneyland, in the neurotic nightmare of it all

25th April 07 Birthday Buttons

A handmade gift from crafty Jo

Faces in the Pavement

These are faces found on the pavement on my travels, keen to find more.

Saturday, 21 April 2007

20th July 2006 Beach found flotsam & jetsam

The Beach Family
Donkey Ride
Drunken Mermaid
Mermaid and Child

Sunday, 15 April 2007

31st July 2006 Twins

These are the twins seperated at birth, but reunited through fate. Chico (left) is from a favela in Brazil
and Charlie (right) is from Cleveleys- no really.

17th Feb 07 Hung Chey Fat Choy

Happy new year from the Preston Chinese Lions

15th April 2007 Garden Statues

This breeze block was carved by Adam for a Greek tragedy show with vegetables as characters in Oedipus Rex!

I brought this piece of head shaped cement back all the way from a squat in East Germany and carved a female head years ago. Now its weathered lovely with moss hair.

14th April 07 Its a choise?

Fantastic miss spelt words in a Lancaster park

Friday, 13 April 2007

10th April 07 Balloons & Barbies

Our Tea 23rd Feb 07

Eating our tea, fish fingers, chips & peas, on a friday.

Lost sneaker April 6th 2007

Anothe lost shoe in the park, where do they all come from? whose were they?what stories can they tell?

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Montmatre,Paris 24th March 07

The Man in the Wall 1
Theres a lot of Graffiti ed vehicles in Paris
The Man in the wall 2

Space Invaders

Car Boot Stickers April 06

Potato Heart

April 5th 20007

Lost shoes on Cleveleys beach,Lancashire

16th Nov 06 Fly Agaric

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Girl power Graffiti

Obesity epidemic yoof comment

Your mum always gets it!

Easter Revolution

My friend Jo has brought some seemingly harmless Easter chicks over but they have run amok in the kitchen.

They just cant help themselves and an Easter chocolate feeding frenzy spontaneously occurs.

Luckily, Mother Hen shoos them off and finishes the job herself, she needs the sugar.

The Easter chicks revolt and march to form a new world order, away from the dictatorship of Mother and seeking your chocolate eggs!

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Byker grove 10/02/07

Went to stay in Byker grove for the night with friends, unusual higgedly piggedly place

Kewpie doll 02.01.07

Blue Spray Leaves 17.01.07