Tuesday, 22 May 2007

25th January 2005 All work and no play

I made this a few years ago when i was feeling trapped by the protestant work ethic indocrinated into us thru 19th century industrialisation education in the UK.
Notice a puppet Tony Blair is topically there again!

Sat 19th May 2007 Puppet up! Festival Blackpool

Backstage at Richard Coombes Punch & Judy with Tony Blair and a lovely monkey

17th May 2007 Mushroom in Preston

Monday, 14 May 2007

12th May 2007 Strong Words

Sat suffocating in a traffic jam on a sunny day in Lancaster, had to get out and walk by the river

11th May 2007 Fairy Cake, Fruit Cake

Eating your words, performed by Tids, made by Wren

14th January 2005 Pimento Tins from Spain

Monday, 7 May 2007

May Flowers

Went for a walk in the woods today and made head garlands with dandelions,hawthorne blossom,buttercups,daisies and cornflowers with that sticky weed you get to weave them together.

2nd January 2007 Winter Berries

5th January 2006 View from my loft

Foggy day in a northern uk town

6th January 2007 View from Tate Liverpool window

21st April 2006 State Plate

20th April 2006 Daytona Beach

Too Hot to Trot

23rd April 2006 Florida Flowers

Totally hyper dyed flowers in Target supermarket in neurotic colours

24th April 2006 Bush Alert

All this time i thought it did say terrorist, duh.....

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

27th December 2006 Xmas Kidz!

Post christmas fall out, consumer overload

29th April 07 If your fond of sand dunes and salty air....

On the beach at Squires Gate, Blackpool with very low flying aircraft, right above you, can feel the crackle in the air when theyve flown over.
Overheard old man - ''This hot in May! its like the bloody Sahara! and thats where all the sand here gets shipped to, I tell ye, its not right!They all like it now but they'll all be bloody moaning soon.. its too hot!''