Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Fabulous Freo

Running to the future, looking to the past
South freo Beach

Found myself in Fremantle again today, after coming on Friday to Spare Parts Puppet theatre. I do absolutely love the place, especially its historic buildings and the place it shares in the the Bride Ships history. Being by the sea, this is the where 50 female immigrants from the Lancashire cotton mills arrived to escape the cotton famine and start new lives in the Swan River colony 1863 .

See research http://yardworks.wordpress.com

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Glastonbury Memories

Though not there again this year, Glastonbury holds a fond place in my heart. From age 18 years, half my life Ive been and I can remember that feeling when you arrive near the site. A magical place, even in the 80's when dub reggae & travellers ruled.No one dare have a camera thenand there was no communication to the outside world at all. My best recent Glasto pics .Must one day scan in some real oldies, but they in the Uk.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Nature Child

Nature Child Collection

Nature child 11 (4x6in)

Nature child 10 (4x6in)

Nature child 9 (8x12in)

Nature child 8 (8x12in)

Nature child 7 (8x12in)

Nature child 6 (4x6in)

Nature child 5 (8x12in)

Nature child 4 (8x12in)

Nature child 3 (8x12in)

Nature child 2 (4x6in)

Nature child 1 (4x6in)

A new collection of images made from found natural objects and recycled materials. The only thing bought is a Sharpie fineliner, the rest is made up from bits found in the street and in the recycle box.

Sustainable art about the nature deficient world our children are being brought up in.

There are 12 images in all, for the 12 months of the year, image 12 has already been sold.

All images are for sale at $30 each 0r £20, p&p inc

Images are 4 x6 in and 8 x 12 in
A % of profit will be used to fund the outdoor classroom & bush area at our local school.
Contact rachel@imaginaryleaps for further information.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Hearts in Perth, Oz

Hose heart

Freo Arts Centre

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Mads House, Fremantle

My new friend Madelines beautiful house, objects and awesome art works in Fremantle, very inspiring , thanks.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Rottnest Island Cemetries

The original European white settlers of Rottnest are laid to rest in a marked graveyard, where sandstone headstones have been carved by hand for their loved ones.

In marked contrast, the Aboriginal prisoners taken here to serve sentence and work on the island for the Europeans, were buried in this wooded area of the island. It was only been acknowledged as sacred ground in the early 90's.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Perth in Autumn

As I walk home, I can hear the throaty, warbled voice of the magpies and the croaky 'art, art! ' of the crows in the trees. Two dragonflies dance by in front of my eyes, while the sun shines down and shows their shadows on the hot tarmac. Nearby our house, orange red leaves are actually falling from the tree, non native of course. The indigenous old ones are busy shedding their bark in long strips ready to set on fire like a tinder box. Aeroplanes regularly rumble, flying low overhead in their redirected routes to the airport. On the top of the hill, home made swings from old rubber tyres and bottle crates, sway in the breeze. From the corner of Mitchell, Chapman and Duke, in one direction you see the skyscrapers of Perth city and looking the other, the Hills in the country. Always the smell of Eucalyptus on the soft breeze.

Perth Images

Beautiful Trees of Perth

In Our Backgarden

On Kings Park

And City Beach

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Iconic Perth

The Black Swan

Fremantle Market

Freo Eccentric

Dingo Flour Factory

I have been collecting images of some of the objects and signs I see, which sum up for me the iconic style and symbolism of Perth and Western Australia. What I love is the kind of eclectic madness thats here, from the Americanisation of the 50's, the Victorian empire, the rightful Indigenous influence and the multiculturism of all the world living here in Perth.