Thursday, 23 August 2007

17th August 2007 welsh rainbow

12th august 07 Double Rainbow

im sure ive seen more rainbows this year, than in my whole life. the bounty of chaotic weather patterns.

Monday, 13 August 2007

Thursday, 9 August 2007

6th july 07 Turkish Bath Devil, Preston

18th July 07 Rainbow

Crazy wet weather and intense bursts of sunshine create beautiful rainbows.

8th July 07 Sweetie Heart

Made by my daughter

27th July 07 Sand face

26th July 2007 Norfolk Coast sunset

27th July 07

Lost welly with a shrine to a poor little boy on the Norfolk coast.

8th July 2007 Monkey at the Palace Theatre, Manchester

17th September 2006

Stuck in traffic jam on the M60,abandon all hope.

19th February 2007

What is this need for toys on boys big trucks?

5th august 2007 And god made grass

What is this logic in Bristol?

5th april 2007 Ditchfield glass people

28th May 07

Help! all the Barbies in the house are takin over

7th July 2007 I Do Care

Heartfelt words on the steps in Blackburn.

11th June 2007 Ashton Memorial, Lancaster

2nd august 2007

Too early in August for all these plump blackberries, nature doesnt know what season its meant to be.

4th august 2007

Two beautiful butterflies on a sunny day.